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If you’re looking to buy seeds for sprouting at wholesale prices you’ve come to the right spot. The Seeds for Sprouting site has the best prices on sprouting seeds for growing sprouts at home. Right now you can buy the highest quality broccoli seeds for sprouting to grow broccoli sprouts for only $18.99/lb. and alfalfa seeds for sprouting to grow alfalfa sprouts for only $8.99/lb.  We also carry clover and radish seeds at savings up to 63% and the best automatic sprouter on earth, the Easygreen.

We’ve searched the World Wide Web to compare prices to save you the time of having to do it your self. Check out our price comparisons below of the leading online retailers of sprouting seeds and I’m sure you’ll wonder why you’ve spent so much in the past. Don’t let our prices fool you. We buy our sprouting seeds from the top producers and suppliers in America and have done business with these suppliers for almost 30 years. All of the sprouting seeds we carry are non-GMO and grown without pesticides, herbacides, and other toxic chemicals. Be assured that we have the  highest quality standards and the best germination rates available. Isn’t it time you started saving on your seeds for sprouting today?

Broccoli Seeds – Compare prices and save up to 59%: Only $18.99/lb.

Online Retailer:Price Per Pound:$18.99
Amazon $21.90
Sprout House $21.90
Mumm’s $23.16
Sprout People $24.75
StarWest Botanicals $43.75
Price: $18.99

Radish Seed – Compare and save up to 63%: Only $6.99/lb.

Online Retailer:Price Per Pound:$6.99
Sprout People$8.85
Handy Pantry$8.95
Wheat Grass Kits$8.99
Territorial Seed$15.30$16.17
Price: $7.99

Alfalfa Seed – Compare prices and save up to 57%: Only $8.99/lb.

Online Retailer:Price Per Pound:$8.99
Sprout People$10.90
Wheat Grass Kits$10.99
Mountain Rose Herbs$11.00
Sprout House$11.50
Sprout Man$11.99$12.99
Price: $8.99

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